Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018
Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018 – Android device is the most powerful operating system that is amazingly great at doing any task, custom made operations, hacks and there are lot of tricks available for this OS. About all of the people on the earth are probably using the Android device today and this has became so much popular platform due to it’s high end capabilities. For most of the tech geeks they are always looking and searching for the top best android hacking tricks 2018.

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018
Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

Using the Android device the hacks that could be done and the tricks to perform amazing tasks and operations. This can be hard to get the real Android tricks and hacks on the internet rushed with no usage information. We have come up with the content where we have given the whole information about the top best android hacking tricks of the year 2018.

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

Learn the top best android hacking tricks 2018. Everyone on this page would be loving to know this information and would get the tremendous knowledge if read this article till the end. Why to wait, just go and start up reading this post right now.

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks

# Edit Mode- This is the newest settings mode in the Android where the users can set the features and functions for the Application through the dock.

->Tap on the app drawer, then hold any application for 3 seconds.

# Cast Screen- Cast the screen of android on the Bigger screen without the use of any external hardware as this is already inside the newest Android devices.

->Go to settings, tap on more, tap on cast and connect.

# Block App Notifications- For the particular apps you need to block their notifications, thi can be easily done on the Android device by the steps given below.

->Go to settings, tap on apps, select the application you want to block, tap on notifications, and finally tap on block all

# Smart Lock- For the ultimate security of the Android device on the Lock screen you should go for the Smart Lock. This function would behave as the strongest security for your device.

->Go to settings, tap on security(for other devices), tap on screen lock( for android marshmallow). Then tap on smart lock.

# Hot Knot- This is the all new way of sharing the data or the files through the Android devices. This wireless hot knot function is amazingly great and you can check below how this can be accessed.

->Go to settings, Select Hot Knot, Then switch it on,

# Phone Encryption- Prevent the loss of data in between the connections or wireless sharing through any medium. This can be done through encrypting the phone data and now the Android has this option built inside for the easy access and enability.

->Go to settings, tap on security, then tap on encrypt phone.

# Data Protection- Protect the data that is inside your device like the Images, Files and documents, etc. Again there is the built in options inside the Android device or the tricks through which whole of the data on the Android device can be protected and secured.

->Go to settings, tap on security, Then tap on data protection.

# Hidden Games- Check out there were hidden games inside the Android, have you ever noticed! Follow the steps below to look for the hidden games in the Android device.

-> Each Android has the different hidden game inside it and could be accessed only through varied operations. Seek for the operations online and check for your’s.

Finally, this is the end part of this content Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018 and hopefully you would have got about some amazing Android hacks and tricks that you might be liking a lot. Remember that by the passing time all new tricks and hacks could be found and the previous ones could be prevented by the developers of the Android platform yet for the time everyone can make use of the tricks given above through the Android device. Let us know if we have skipped any of the deserving hacks and tricks of Android, write to us through using the comments section given below. At last nevertheless, thanks for reading this post!

So above post is on Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018.


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