Top 10 Amazing Internet Tricks 2018

top 10 amazing internet tricks 2018

The top 10 amazing internet tricks is full of tips and techniques while the things look easy yet you could fool anyone by interfairing with the solid UI structure or behavior of the systems. People are seen crazy to seek for the ultimate tech tricks by which they can either make their tasks more easier or can impress anyone. Some people do use the tech techniques for the hacking purposes but this article is not for those people. Read top 10 amazing internet tricks 2018

Top 10 Amazing Internet Tricks 2018

top 10 amazing internet tricks 2018

Here in this article is the information regarding the best top 10 amazing internet tricks of 2018 that would make you go crazy. It is not simple to find such amazing tricks on the internet or anywhere but we have found the ultimate tech tricks for you.

Top 10 Amazing Internet Tricks

We have given below the finest tech tricks you could ever find, if you are curious to know about those trick then simply go and read the data given below. That’s all for the introduction part so we will be skipping to the informational part of the content now. Let’s get started with the the amazing internet tricks 2018.

Top 10 Amazing Internet Tricks 2018

# The first tech trick is the Google Search trick, simply put in the keyword Google Timer and search for it. Once the search is over you will see that the results would return the Timer with an Alarm that can be actually used in realtime.

# This is also a google search trick- Input “intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here” in the search results with the name of the song in the place and you can get the direct download links for the song. This is damm simple way of getting the song download link without requiring to surf through the websites.

# data:text/html, <html contenteditable> Copy and paste this code to the Chrome Browser Address bar and you shall be able to transform your browser into a simple notepad where anything can be written and saved.

# Download the subtitle file for the video and then place in the same folder of the media file. Rename the Subtitle file same as the video file and then if you will launch the video file in VLC Media player, the subtitle will be automatically loaded side by side.

# Create a new folder in Windows and then rename it- GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. This will become your complete folder that would automatically get the settings and actions that could be found on the Windows.

# The MP3 or the music files can be played inside the Chrome browser. Simply drag and drop the file inside the Chrome browser and it would run it immediately.

# Go to website and put in some usuall information about you and all of the accounts on the famous places would be deleted in just one single click.

# Add gif before after the www. in the Youtube URL so as to convert that video into GIF. The process is straightforward and would not take time to do the conversion. This is the stunning example of tecch tricks on the browser and URL tricks.

# Google Translate service online can be the free proxy for the links. Simply paste in the URL inside the Google translator and then run that link from the other box or the translated box and it will act like proxy.

# Add .jpeg in the end of the URLs so as to access the protected airport Internet and All that without the need to Log In!!

This article have given you the ultimate information regarding the crazy and top 10 amazing internet tricks 2018 of the year 2018. All these tricks are working and you would not find them to be fake, although if you do not follow them properly then the things could go wrong or the tricks won’t work. Hopefully you would be liking all of the tricks but if you believe that there are some other tricks too that deserve to be on this top list then please share us the information for that. Use the comments section for the sharing purpose and let us know about your favorite tech tricks. For now, this is the ending of this post, like and share it with others and be connected to get more such content!


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