How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable 2018

Make Any Pendrive Bootable

Hello friend i am going to share the post How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable. In the past days, everyone uses a cd or a DVD drive to install the windows or any other OS like Linux, Mac into their respective devices. But now with the bootable pen drive, it becomes very easy for everyone to boot a pen drive and install the OS on their laptop or PC. If you have a USB device that is lying down here and there then you can make use of that by making it bootable. Learn the method How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable.

How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable 2018

Make Any Pendrive Bootable

In the past days, I have personally used so many Cd/DVD for installing the operating system. Along with this, you can also revert your bootable USB to simple USB, which can be again used a storage device. Explore The article How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable.

How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable

Now, there are a lot of software are available over the internet that you can download and use. But in this article, I will let you know the best and the most used software. The software that you can trust easily.

How To Make Any Pendrive Bootable

First of all, let’s check out how to make a pendrive bootable :

  1. Insert a USB drive into a running computer.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.
  3. Type diskpart at the command prompt.
  4. In the new command line type the list disk and then click enter. After that, you will see a list of the disk that is available on the computer. Now you have to remember the disk name or number of your USB flash drive.
  5. Type select disk <y>, where y is the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive, and then click ENTER.
  6. Type clean, and the click ENTER. It will delete all the data from the USB flash drive.
  7. To create a new primary partition on the USB flash drive:

Type create part pri and then click ENTER.

  1. Type select part 1, to select the partition that you just created, and then click ENTER.
  2. Type format fs=ntfs quick, to format the partition, and then click ENTER.
  3. Type active, and then click ENTER.
  4. Type exit, and then click ENTER.
  5. When you finish preparing your custom image, save it to the root of the USB flash drive.

So, with the help of above steps, you can Make Any Pendrive Bootable. There will be no need for the additional application to install. With the help of default windows, you can do this. But if you don’t want to do all of these steps and want to go for safer and simple options then you can download some tools from the internet.

Here below is the list of tools:

1)    UltraISO

2)    winsetupfromusb

3)    RMPrepUSB

4)    Window 7 USB/DVD Download tool

5)    Rufus

6)    YUMI

These all of the above are the tools that you can use for converting your USB to a bootable USB drive. Some of the tools are available openly over the internet for free and some of them are only with the trial version that hampers some of the functionalities of the application.

Make Pendrive Bootable

Among all the above tools, the best tool that you can use is YUMI. This is tested to be faster than every other tool available. Make Pendrive Bootable for any windows easily.


If you want to use a very simple user interface then you can use ISO to USB. Its UI is far better than all of the others. It is super clean and is very easy to understand.

    • Some of the other tools that is available over the internet:
  • Passcape ISO burner
  • WinToBootic
  • XBoot

So, that was all about How to make USB bootable in any windows. For more tech tips and hacks. Check our website.


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