Jio Data Hacking Tricks 2018

jio data hacking tricks
jio data hacking tricks

Today, i am going to share the jio data hacking tricks. With these tech tricks you can easily bypass the 1 GB threshold and also get 4G speed after the required threshold. Your speed will remain fast it does not decrease to 128 kbps. So enjoy the Jio Data Hacking Tricks 2018.

Jio Data Hacking Tricks 2018

jio data hacking tricks
jio data hacking tricks

So, today we are going to reveal some of the tricks that you can use to remove any speed limit in the Jio sim. You can enjoy unlimited internet at 4g speed. Check out the jio data hacking tricks here below:

Jio Data Hacking Tricks

1)    Jio data hacking tricks with the proxy method.

  • Open setting on Your Smartphone, then Mobile Networks, then Select Jio Sim, then Create New Access Point.
  • Enter Profile Name as “Any Name”.
  • Enter Apn as JIONET
  • Apn Type – Default
  • Enter Proxy – and Port 80
  • Server –

Abandon all the fields as it is, save the settings and restart the device. After your phone restarts, you need to connect data to this profile and your work is done. Now there will not be decreased in Jio 4g data speed. Jio Data Hacking Tricks

2)    Jio data hacking by using Apn Protocol

This trick is 100% working. You need to follow the steps down below very carefully. This trick is easy and you can bypass Jio 1 GB/2GB data limit very easily with the help of this trick.

  • Select your Apn as JIONET.
  • Only select the Apn protocol as ipv4/ipv6. Abandon all the other fields as it is.
  • Use the data till 700-900Mb.
  • Download anything from the internet; you will notice that your download will stop after you have consumed 90% of your data.
  • Resume the download process, it gets resumed then you will get full 4g speed all the day, if in case not then you can follow these steps.
  • Use 60 Mb of data and then restart your device.
  • Perform the second step as it is taddaaa!!!! You have bypassed the 1 gb/2gb cap of Jio.

3)    Jio data hacking by using Vpn

This is the trick which you can use to get unlimited 4g speed on Jio. Here is Jio Data Hacking Tricks and below are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Download a VPN application from play store. It can be any application which has USA and Germany servers.
  • Connect your data using Jionet Apn.
  • Connect to the Vpn with the help of that application.
  • After this step, you can see progressive increase in the speed of internet,

So, these above are the methods that you can use to get unlimited 4g speed in Jio Explore Jio Data Hacking Tricks.


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