How To Hack Telnet 2018

How To Hack Telnet
How To Hack Telnet

Today i am going to share the method how to hack telnet. Telnet is an application used on the internet to connect to a remote computer, enabling access to the computer and its resources. We can spoof into a victim’s computer just by typing commands in the window [provided that the both computers are connected]. Telnet does not use the resources of the client’s computer but uses the resources of the server to which the client has connected How To Hack Telnet 2018

How To Hack Telnet 2018

How To Hack Telnet
How To Hack Telnet

When you want to connect to a computer, the action consists of a connection, comparable to a connection via telephone, except the link remains within the internet. Your terminal connects to the server on the other computer and is able to give actions as input, and receive data in return i.e, output. Telnet is used for a number of activities such as telneting to an irc site, or checking email at another account, other online services, or perhaps an internet BBS, in addition to many other possibilities.

How To Hack Telnet

Note:This is for educational purposes Only and i will give you warning that I am not responsible for anything that might happen to you if you try to hack any computer

How To Hack Telnet:Telnet Hacking

  1. Firstly Go the Command Prompt and type Telnet [ip address] [port] then enter. Example:Telnet 192.168.X.X 23
  2. After this you entered in the system.
  3. Through commands like taskill and tasklist you can easily show what the person is exactly doing on the computer.
  4. You can also make a new user and make this user an adminstrator so you can have full access to all the data on the computer .
  5. The only thing you will need is a port scanner and  nmap is a free and powerful port scanner.

WARNING:Be Careful you can go to jail for this

You can download it for




It comes with the Windows installer.

How To Hack Telnet 2018:Download these tools to improve telnet hacking skills and learn the tutorial how to hack telnet.


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