How To Hack JioFi Password

Hack JioFi Password

Today we are going to show you some tips and tech tricks to hack Jiofi password easily. Prima Facie we would like to tell you about the device itself. The reliance Jiofi device comes in two different battery ranges one is 2300 mah and the other is 2600 mah. There are number of jio devices are there in the market including JioFi 1, Jiofi 2, Jiofi 3, Jiofi 4. We provide you the best Jiofi Hacking technique. Explore the post carefully and also share this How To Hack JioFi Password.

How To Hack JioFi Password

Hack JioFi Password

Learn about the method How To Hack JioFi Password. All of these come with the jio Sim starter pack. If you have any spare jio sim then you can avoid the starter pack and can use your old Jio sim in the device. In the box itself, you will get some regular notes about how to use the device, other than that you will receive a wall charger and a battery. With the help of Jio device, you can even make HD voice and video calls very easily. So, here below are the methods by which you can easily hack Jiofi password and can get access to the passwords using android and Pc.

How To Hack JioFi Password

Important Note: This post is solely for the education purpose only. Reader’s discretion is advised as hacking is illegal.

This method may not work for some networks or some devices.

Hack JioFi device network – Hack JioFi Password

Method 1:


    Rooted Android Phone

    Busy box Installed

    Terminal Emulator Installed

Steps to Follow:

1)    Download the moded app on your mobile device.

2)    Tap on refresh after opening the app.

3)    A list of available Wi-Fi networks will be shown.

4)    Wi-Fi with the green dot will be working.

5)    Try to connect on the dialog box.

6)    Then choose a pin and click on try to connect.

7)    After connecting you will see the network name with its password.

8)    You can copy the password to the clipboard for further uses.

This is the method How To Hack JioFi Password – 1 which you can follow. With the help of this method, you don’t need any external device like PC. You just need your mobile device

How to hack JioFi device password

Method 2(PC)

    PC or Laptop or Wi-Fi Adapter

    Wincap – Direct Download

    JumpStart – Direct Download

    Dumpper – Direct Download

    NetFrameWork 4.5 – Direct Download

Follow the steps below:

1)    Install all the applications.

2)    In the second step select your network adapter and scan for the available network.

3)    You will see some tabs. From these tabs, you have to select WPS tab.

4)    Now Select “All the networks” and click on the “Scan” button.

5)    From the list of networks, you can select the specific network you want to hack.

6)    Now click on Start JumpStart.

7)    Now, what will happen is Jumpstart will automatically start and will connect to the wifi network. Now you can access free internet wifi.

8)    You can see the details of the wifi you have hacked, like password and any other details by clicking on the profiles.

So, these above are the two methods by which you can hack JioFi password or hack jiofi device network.  If you find any problem you can comment down below, so we can look upon it. In the last, I would like to mention that its only for the education purpose. For more stuff like this Stay Connected.


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