How To Bypass Windows 10 Password 2018

How To Bypass Windows 10 Password
How To Bypass Windows 10 Password

Hello, today I am going to teach you that how to bypass windows 10 password. Bypass windows 10 password is a reset trick. It is very easy to bypass windows 10 password with our trick. Windows 10 is having amazing and cool features. In this article, we are going to check out some of the cool and awesome Windows 10 tricks which are directly related to Windows Password Recovery. Basically, we are going to check out for situations when a password is not required for logging to the Windows users account. If you forget the password for any reason, you would end up reinstalling the Windows operating system. In this post, you will know that how to bypass windows 10 password. Learn about how to bypass windows 10 password.

How To Bypass Windows 10 Password 2018

How To Bypass Windows 10 Password
How To Bypass Windows 10 Password

How To Bypass Windows 10 Password 2018

How To Bypass windows 10 Password

Part 1

Basically, the whole process is very much simple and easy but somewhat it is time-consuming. It would simple in work and be apt for you as you would be using this virtual Operating System to Crack Windows 10 password. This method will also allow you to set up the password of your choice to log into the Windows. Follow the following steps.

Steps to bypass windows 10 passwords

1. Create Linux Live CD

Firstly,  you are required to create the Linux Live CD with the help of Linux ISO File.

2. Attach Live CD

Now just go to boot menu and boot attaches insert a live cd in your computer.

3. Follow Path

Now, go to C:\Windows\System32

4. Rename The File

After this, you will find the file name like sethc.exe just rename it to sethc1.exe. And also rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe

5. Restart Computer

Now restart your computer and then you will see the login screen.

6. Press Sift Button

Now just simply press the shift button for 5 times. The command prompt will be automatically opened.

7. Type Net User Command

Just type net user and hit the enter button. Here you will get the name of the administrator account, just note it down.

8. Enter New Password

Now just enter net user user_name new password.

Congrats, you have done it. Now enter the new password in the login panel and you will be logged in.

Part 2

1. Download and Install Window Passwords Recovery on Your Another Normal Computer.

First of all, you have to download and install the program on another computer. Firstly, the installation is easy to operate, then you will open the program and you will see the main Window below.

2. Start to Make a Bootable Recovery Disk.

This program will provide you two ways to create a recovery disk. For taking an example of USB flash. After the installation, just insert your USB flash to a normal Windows computer, then you will be asked to select a Media type just to create a recovery disk.

Here you just click on the USB Device button and also select your USB drive from your the drop-down list. Then also click on Burn USB to let the program burn the ISO images files to your USB drive. It will take some time. Please be patient and don’t disconnect your USB to your computer before the burning finishes.

3. Insert the USB Drive to Your Locked Computer and Boot Computer from USB

When you created a recovery disk with your USB drive, then please insert it into your locked computer. Here it’s also noteworthy that you must change BIOS boot sequence to make it boot from USB. Now just restart your locked computer and press Del or F2 button while the computer is initializing and then go to the bios setting and change the BIOS options. After all this press F10 to save your changes.

Start to Reset Your Password, then Reboot Your Computer

Keep the USB plugged into your computer and also reboot your computer after the boot order has been changed into USB then Windows password recovery program will also startup during the booting, you will also see the main screen. It will automatically detect all the current account. Now just select the target user that you want to reset. Then click the Reset Password button and bypass windows 10 password.

After resetting the password, the password of the target user you select will be automatically blank. Congratulation message will pop up on your screen once the password has been reset successfully. Then Click on Reboot to restart the computer without login password.

So, above post is on that how to bypass windows 10 password.


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