Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

best android hacking tricks

Android Hacking tricks 2018 can be an amazing way to impress the friends or even to use them for your benefits. Anyways till now there have been so many hacking tricks and tips for the Android device that you might be knowing but for this year there are some awesome best android hacking tricks 2018 you must know. All these best android hacking tricks and tips we are going to tell you will be fully working and you can really enjoy using these all. But remember that you are not going to use these tricks and tips for the hacks and negative uses. So we believe this is enough to let you introduce to the topic, just go and start to read the post Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018.

Top Best Android Hacking Tricks 2018

best android hacking tricks

Still interested to know these top best android hacking tricks 2018 then please follow up reading on this page and read till the end so as to get the whole information about the topic.

Best Android Hacking Tricks 201

Out of all the available best tricks we have given the Best android hacking tricks 2018 and tips for the hacking over android device

# Easily Unlock Android Lock Screen Without Knowing the Pattern or Password

First of all, ring the emergency dialfor maximum times until the limit is reached.
Copy all the digits input into the emergency dialer
Open your Android camera through the camera icon on lock screen
Drag the screen downwards and this would theb ask for a password.
Simply do one thing, paste the digits you had copied from your Android’s emergency dialer
Repeat this same process and do press the volume keys of your Android device. Do this until the camera of the device is crashed!
Android device will be unlocked.

# Send Encrypted Messages

This is really easy to send the encrypted messages to others through using the Android device. Install the GPG Tools Installer on your android device and thereafter using the options inside this tol you can be able to send the encrypted messages quickly and easily.

# Add Recycle Bin

On Android device the files or data you delete cannot be recovered as it is permanently deleted but now through using the Dumpster application you can be able to easily get those deleted files stay in the recycle bin before permanent deletion. This is alike to the recycle bin feature of Desktop windows.

# Hack Android Games

Through the help of a simple root access application on Android the Android games could be hacked within minutes. This application is named as GameCIH App. Just find this app for you on the internet, get the root access on the device and then utilize this application for hacking games.

# Hack Wifi Passwords

Now use the another amazing tool or application on the Android so as to hack the WiFi passwords. WIFI WPS WPA TESTER is the application that can be installed without the permissions of root access and thus on using this app the networks can be hacked with simple clicks.

# Act Android as Security Webcams

If you wish to spy over anyone then the Android device can be the best camera to be used. IP Webcam app is the tool that enables the Android camera to spy video over everything without anyone being knowing of it. Install this app and you will be really impressed to know about it’s exemplary performance and functions.

Got to know about the amazing top best android hacking tricks 2018 and tips for Android? If you have read the above data properly them you might have got about all the information. Once you have got to know about these tricks you can then try those all on your device. But again this is to ping back the statement that you are not going to utilize those hacking tricks for negative purposes but only for the informational purposes. Share us any other tricks and tips regarding the hacking over Android through the comments section below. If you want other people to know these tricks then you can share it with them.


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